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Hi There!  I'm Tom Ikonomou and I Welcome The Opportunity To Help You SELL.
My Short Back Story.

In 2008 I exited nearly 20 years of the restaurant business straight into my current profession.
Prior to being licensed (some 15 years ago), I've had three bad experiences in real estate. 

One while selling a home, one while buying a home and one while leasing commercial space. 

These bad experiences motivated me to get into real estate to help people avoid a lot of misery in real estate purchases and sales. Nothing satisfies me more than guiding my clients through all the hurtles that pop up during the process. 

There's more to selling a house than simply putting a sign in the yard, an ad in the newspaper or internet. In fact, I've listed 75 tasks.

This transparent approach has helped 100's of buyers and sellers get outstanding results and peace of mind during and after the transaction. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you

Click the link below for a free pdf of the pro-active 18 Step Listing Plan of Action I use to sell homes like yours. Click the following link to get a copy of the 18 step listing plan of action I use to get homes (like yours) sold quickly and for top dollar and to start the process.
  • The 4 Types of Home Buyers
Actually, there's more but they all fall into the following four categories. They are, Buyers in a hurry, Buyers not in a hurry, Bargain hunters and Casual lookers.

When You make the IMPORTANT decision to Sell, you'll need More Than A Computer Generated Evaluation.

My Pro-active Approach to Determining the Market Value of Your Home is 
97% More Accurate Than E-value BC and 100% Free!


Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

When's the best time to sell?
The best time to list your home is whenever you are ready!
But from a market perspective, Vancouver home prices are at historical highs with inventory still extremely low. The median percent of original list price is at 102% for Vancouver West and 107% for Vancouver east. This means that sellers are getting 100% (or more!) of the original list price of their home. It has been this way since December 2019, and the market has not seen a median of 100% in over 6 years.

The market does also ebb and flow with the changing of the seasons here in the lower mainland, but there are pros and cons to each season.
Many sellers do tend to list in the Spring or Summer because there are more buyers out shopping and you can typically end up getting a little more for your home. 
How long will it take to sell?
Housing inventory in 2020-2021 has been extremely low and can’t keep up with demand, which means that homes are selling quite quickly. The average days on market for Vancouver West in April 2021 was 25 days and Vancouver East was 17 days.

So with a strong strategy and professional marketing we can get most homes under contract within a week. In the Spring and Summer months it’s not uncommon for homes to be sold over the weekend! 
Do I prep my home for market? 
A good first step is to clean, start decluttering, and moving out odds and ends.
After we have our in-depth listing meeting you will have a tangible list of tasks to complete before we hit the market. Depending on your home’s condition it may just be cleaning and decluttering, other times it can be painting and replacing floors.

Schedule a free consultation to see what changes will provide you with the best sales price. To note: not every home improvement project will add value back into your home. Always chat with your Realtor prior to tackling a big project!
Will there be additional costs ?
Additional fees when listing a home are harder to put into a definite list because a lot of things that can come up are home maintenance items. But, you can prep for a few expenses.

The largest expense besides any home maintenance projects will typically be a Realtor’s commission fee. In most transactions, the seller pays the full commission out to both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. You’ll also have miscellaneous closing and recording fees of a thousand plus dollars. 

The 5 Step Home Selling Methodology

  • Step 1: Initial Meet-up: Here we will have a short telephone conversation or online meeting to go over the required disclosures and get an overall feel on how we will work together. This will take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. From there we'll set a formal appointment to view your home. 
  • Step 2: Discovery: Prepare the property for the market. The market is ever changing and the correct placement is essential in the process. Almost 70% of the marketing is in the list price. During this stage we'll prepare a comparative market analysis. This will tell you your homes market evaluation as well as the time period it will take to get your home sold.
  • Step 3: Marketing: Expose the property to the market using every means possible online as well as print media. I follow a proven 18 step process for this and is included in the listing package you will receive prior to our meeting. 
  • Step 4: Contract: Negotiating the best terms that will suite your needs. Selling a home is not rocket science. getting the most money a buyer is willing to pay in the current market is. For 15 years I've negotiating against the toughest agents and buyers for my clients. This skill alone has added extra money to my clients pockets. 
  • Step 5: Completion: Finalizing the sale, this is where our work gets rewarded. To successfully fulfil the terms of the contract, I've on many occasions had to step up to assist with additional closing documents and in some cases, revise the purchase agreement. Making your transition into your next home is my number one priority. 

Ready To Expose Your Home To The Right Buyer?

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